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*Disclaimer: any products we use in our services, classes and workshops are not considered medicine, nor do we diagnose, prescribe or medically treat clients. The Full Spectrum Hemp products we use are non psychoactive and are legal in all 50 states. It is advisable to consult your own doctor if you have an illness or disorder or are currently taking medications prescribed by your doctor to make sure there are no contraindications for services or products we offer, including pregnancy and breastfeeding. All practitioners at the Cleveland Holistic Collab stay within their respected scopes of practice and we refer out for services beyond our scope to our network of providers. Our goal is to provide holistic options that compliment or supplement any existing care you may be recieving. We work in harmony, not opposition, with other medical practitioners and your own individual treatment plan that your doctor recommends.We will not provide services to anyone under 18years old without the presence and permission of parent/legal guardian. No Full Spectrum Hemp services or product sales will be provided to anyone under 21 years old.

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Looking for a plant-based fuel that will supercharge your workouts, runs or athletic performance? Want something fast, easy and healthy enough that even kids can take it? Increased endurance, mental alertness and energy are just a few of the many benefits you can expect when taking ENERGYbits® before work, work outs or have no time to cook. This high protein snack reduces hunger, cravings and the need for caffeine and is an eco-friendly, sustainable food crop.

Packaging: Price is for a single serving bag of 30 tabs. Each bag provides 1 adult servings of 30 tabs which should be taken daily, at an average cost of $3.90 per serving which is similar to a protein bar or drink. Athletes should take more than the minimum. The average cost for a child's serving of 10 tabs is less than $1.00/serving.

About ENERGYbits®

Made from 100% organically grown, NON GMO spirulina algae and loaded with 40 nutrients, ENERGYbits® algae tabs have the highest concentration of protein in the world (64%) all for just one calorie per tab. Spirulina has been endorsed by the United Nations and Olympic gold medalists for decades. Now it's your turn.

ENERGYbits® algae tabs are your answer for raw energy and health. All naturally too. With just one calorie per tab, ENERGYbits® will stop your cravings, slay your hunger and give you a steady stream of mental and physical energy all day or night. They may even make you want to leap over tall buildings in a single bound, but we think that’s best left to the guys in the red capes and blue tights.

Remarkably, ENERGYbits® have just one ingredient, spirulina algae which is a super hero in the world of super foods. Spirulina’s nutritional pedigree is so impressive that The World Bank, NASA and Olympic athletes have all declared spirulina to be the most nutritious food in the entire world. Why? Well for starters, it effortlessly and naturally boosts your energy like an energy drink, energy bar or coffee but without the downside of chemicals, caffeine, calories, gluten or sugar. Gram per gram, there is no denser source of nutrition than spirulina algae.

Research done by NASA showed that that 1 kg of spirulina had the nutritional equivalent of 1,000 kg of fruits and vegetables. That's a lot of groceries! But if an endorsement by NASA isn’t enough to convince you of the health benefits you’ll get from ENERGYbits® spirulina, consider that many International Health Organizations including the United Nations have hailed spirulina as one of the “Greatest Superfoods on Earth.” Don’t worry if you haven’t heard about this super food yet. You will.

It may be virtually unknown in America but for the last 50 years, millions worldwide have taken it to improve their energy. Now it’s your turn.

ENERGYbits® are best used for:

Increasing Energy
Increasing Endurance
Increasing Mental Vitality
High Protein Snack
Curbing Hunger
Meal Replacement
Reducing Fatigue

ENERGYbits® Health Benefits

The list of health benefits from our ENERGYbits® algae tabs is so long that we only have room to mention a few. They have the highest concentration of protein in the world (64% protein which is three times the amount of protein in steak), over 40 nutrients, and are just one calorie per tab. Just a handful of 30+ Bits® will not only fill you up, they will meet most of your daily nutritional requirements, and all for just ONE calorie per tab.

Even better, spirulina is a nitrogen based algae, and since nitric oxide opens up your blood vessels, taking our ENERGYbits® will give your brain and your body a steady and natural supply of oxygen and nourishment. That’s one of the reasons why they are such a great wake up and pick up. Once you try them, we think you’ll agree, they’re an energy dream come true. Easy too. No cooking, no mixing. Just swallow or chew a handful of our Bits® anywhere.

They’re literally a mini meal that fits in the palm of your hand and supercharges your energy. Carrying around a tin of our ENERGYbits® is like having a salad and big steak tucked away in your back pocket or handbag. Now that would be messy wouldn’t it? So take the easy route instead and just carry ENERGYbits® with you to the gym, the office, school, car, plane, hike, bike, opera, well you get the idea. They discreetly and easily go where ever you go. So when you are tired, hungry or want to resist sugar, chocolate or caffeine, just pop some algae Bits®.

Did you know that NASA feeds algae to the astronauts? NASA says “1 kg of algae has the nutritional equivalent of 1,000 kg of fruits and vegetables.” That’s quite an endorsement so we hope you’ll try some soon. Grown organically under strict conditions, our ENERGYbits® algae tabs give you the purest spirulina and the most natural energy possible. No additives, chemicals, caffeine, sugar, gluten, animal products or artificial ingredients either. Nadda. Just 100% spirulina algae, 100% natural, 100% green, 100% raw. Straight from Mother Nature herself.

So what does it do for me?

Helps improve physical energy
Helps improve endurance
Helps reduce fatigue
Helps speed athletic recovery
Helps reduce brain fog
Helps build muscle
Helps improve mental focus
Helps reduce hunger
Provides natural nitric oxide
Provides a replacement for greens
Provides a replacement for protein
Helps fight free radicals with high concentration of antioxidants
Helps balances body functions and is 100% alkaline
Helps improve skin, hair, nails, bones and eye health
Helps improve mood
Healthy snack on the run
Raw food, great for vegans or those who hate greens
Safe nutrition for anyone of any age, from children to seniors

For best results, take 30 ENERGYbits® or more any time of day. Take them whenever you are tired, hungry, prior to, or during any athletic activity, race, game or workout. Take them any time you need a quick, easy, healthy high protein mini meal or a bolt of new energy mentally or physically. Swallow with a beverage or if you're brave, chew them as you would a handful of nuts. Remember, they're "Bits®" of food (not pills). Carry with you to the gym, to a game, on a run, race, bike, hike, school, work, movie set, stage. Well you get the picture. Take them anywhere.

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