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3645 Prospect Ave E Studio D

Cleveland, Ohio 44115



Mon - Fri:  8am - 8pm

Saturday: 8am - 8pm

​Sunday: 10am - 8pm

by appointment only

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*Disclaimer: any products we use in our services, classes and workshops are not considered medicine, nor do we diagnose, prescribe or medically treat clients. The Full Spectrum Hemp products we use are non psychoactive and are legal in all 50 states. It is advisable to consult your own doctor if you have an illness or disorder or are currently taking medications prescribed by your doctor to make sure there are no contraindications for services or products we offer, including pregnancy and breastfeeding. All practitioners at the Cleveland Holistic Collab stay within their respected scopes of practice and we refer out for services beyond our scope to our network of providers. Our goal is to provide holistic options that compliment or supplement any existing care you may be recieving. We work in harmony, not opposition, with other medical practitioners and your own individual treatment plan that your doctor recommends.We will not provide services to anyone under 18years old without the presence and permission of parent/legal guardian. No Full Spectrum Hemp services or product sales will be provided to anyone under 21 years old.

© Cleveland Holistic Collab 2018

Small Batch.

Full Strength Batch.

All Organic Ingredients.

Zero Mycotoxins/Microbials/Heavy Metals/Herbicides/Pesticides. Immaculate.

Non Psychoactive. 100% Legal Hemp Flower. Lab Tested/Certificates of Analysis.

Lifter Strain. Cannabidiol Rich. Full Spectrum. Total Measured Cannabinoids 236.30mgs/g

Top 3 Terpenes-Myrcene/Caryophyllene/Humulene

Earthy/Floral/Woody Aroma. Earthy/Grassy/Woody Taste. 

Energizing. Day Time Use. May Use Topically.

1oz/30ml UV Protective Bottle

Ingredients: Organic 100% Triple Distilled Pure Coconut Oil (Capric and Caprylic Acid Triglycerides), Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Oil, Organic Lifter Hemp Flower, not Shake!

Self Tritrate until desired results achieved. Shake before use. 

Serving Suggestion: 0.25ml-0.7ml (5-14 drops) Sublingual or added to food/beverage. 

Approximate Calories per Suggested Serving: 65-130 

Organic Whole Plant Oil Infusion